We Love a good Story

Here’s how District Coffee came to be!

Female Barista with Short Hair and Glasses
District Coffee Founders

Storytelling in a coffee shop? That’s a dream right there. But our actual dream started with an idea to create a gathering space for people looking for a fresh perspective on their coffee experience. We wanted to be our community’s place to come together while getting away. A place of connection and inspiration. We thought, what if we served great coffee in an amazing atmosphere different than anything else local? And that’s where the idea of District Coffee was born— right here in South St. Cloud, Minnesota.

About Our Founders 

Amie Danielson and Molly Windfeldt became friends nearly seven years ago after returning to the area to raise their families. They quickly bonded over their enjoyment of travel and visiting new places. On a trip together, they discussed how neat it would be to bring the experience of unique coffee shops back to this area for other people to enjoy. 

Favorite Coffee Drinks 

  • Oat Milk Latte for Molly
  • Americano for Amie